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The Disqus Platform

Our platform focuses on helping independent publishers grow successfully with two products that go hand in hand: Engage and Reveal.

Engage is the Internet’s most popular comment system. It’s coupled with a great set of tools to help websites manage their communities.

Reveal is an easy-to-use and effective native advertising solution that helps you earn money from your site. It’s integrated into Disqus where you can manage your earnings.


How we make money

The Disqus platform is completely free to use for publishers. That means that you can use Disqus for free today and years down the line.

Our platform is supported by advertising. We make money through your use of Reveal, the native advertising system as part of the Disqus platform. That means we take a share of the earnings that Reveal generates on your site.

If you are a personal or not-for-profit site, you can opt-out of Reveal.

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About JoomlaKave

JoomlaKave is a platform to showcase innovative joomla extensions. We imagine, innovate, build, sell and give away professional quality Joomla extensions such as module, plugins and components to the community. At JoomlaKave we develop new extensions all the time as well as we do bespoke / custom extension development for Joomla. We also help with building site with Joomla, provide migration service, SEO and much more.