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Attractively Show Various Dribbble Shots On Joomla Site

A smart module to display Dribbble shorts within joomla site. Create user experience just like Dribble environment with super flexible customization.

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Core Features

Display Dribbble Shots

Displays Dribbble Shots from Dribbble profile

Customization Options

This Module has Attractive Animation Optiopn

Advance Caching

Advance Caching – J1.5 and J2.5 specific different caching technology for better performance

Control Shots

Control number of Shots.

Show Count

Show Count-Likes, Comments, Views, and Reboinds

5 Shots Type

User Shots, User following Shots, Dribbble Popular Shots, Dribbble Everyone Shots, and Dribbble Debuts Shots

Front End Mockup

Dribbble Shots Enhanced

Admin Screenshots

Dribbble Shots Enhanced for joomla
Dribbble Shots Enhanced for joomla
Dribbble Shots Enhanced

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Joomla Version Support

Supports all Major Browsers

Commonly Asked Questions

Upto now it supports Com_Content and K2
Almost same. We were inspired by that design and brought it for your Joomla site.
Absolutely. You have full control over both the interval speed between two slide as well as delay of each slide. The plugin takes input in miliseconds.

Version History

1.2 04/04/2013 + Control improvements
1.1 20/12/2012 * Bug fixes
1.0 19/11/2012 * Initial release
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$12.00 $9.00