Dribbble Shots Display Fixed Vertical Button

version 1.3

Attractively Show Various Dribbble Shots On Joomla Site. Smart and Fast

Fixed Vertical Dribbble Shots Display Plugin is a cool addition to our growing Joomla extensions in official Joomla Extension Directory. Dribbble being a very popular choice for professionals of creative skills, we have decided to give them another creative way to express their beautiful shots vertically, floating on the side of Joomla site.

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Core Features

Display Dribbble Shots

Show Dribbble Shots With Highly Customizable Features

Fixed Vertical Position

This Plugin has Fixed Vertical control Options

Customization Options

Packed With Full Customization Options. Works with any Joomla Templates

Image Options

Open image in Same, New, Popup, Shots Count input

Styling Options

Styled Pre-set Fixed Vertical Icons,Customize Thumbnail background Color. Customize Tooltip Background and Border Color

Settings Option

Smooth load and expandable view, Shotbox size control, Height and width of Popup control

Style-Match with Your Site

Full control to style-match with your Joomla site. Control for content font size

Admin Screenshots

Yahoo Styled Article Slider

Yahoo Styled Article Slider
Yahoo News Slider
Dribbble Shots Display Fixed Vertical

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Joomla Version Support

Supports all Major Browsers

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, You can show the button any vertical position
Yes, this plugin is customizable
Yes, You can control the height and width of Popup control

Version History

1.3 09/12/2012 + Control improvements
1.2 03/10/2012 * Bug fixes
1.1 12/09/2012 * Initial release
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