How to get Instagram Feed URL

8 June 2015, 12:00 am Written by  Zobair K. Rion
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To Get Instagram feed Url, follow the instructions below:

1. Copy the URL shown below and paste it to the web browser. instagrum username/

2. Write your Instagram Username in the yellow marked section of the URL and press Enter. You will see your 

        instagram pictures.

    for example, An Instagram Feed URL of an account is given below,

    Here, the orange marked information is the Instagram username of an Instagram Account Holder and the whole URL is the Instagram Feed URL of that person.

    A Screenshot demo is given below,




Generally, Instagram Feed URL is used to get Instagram photos in any websites. For examples, There is a simple Joomla Module 'Responsive Instagram Photo Gallery' used to display Intagram photos to Joomla Websites. In this module, Instagram Feed URL is required to configure and display photos. You can use this Module in Joomla Websites. For details visit the  product page -  RESPONSIVE INSTAGRAM PHOTO GALLERY.

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