How to Export and Import Admin Branding Plugin Settings

26 November 2014, 12:00 am Written by  Emdadul Haque
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Admin Branding Settings Import Admin Branding Settings Import

Admin Branding

Joomla Admin Branding is one of our most pioneering extension which is very popular among Joomla users worldwide with thousands of download in last few years.

One of our valuable clients requested us that she wanted to export "Admin Branding" plugin settings and import that settings to other Joomla websites that also have branding needs.

Our developers responded quickly and sent herthe updated version of the plugin. We are happy to announce that all of our existing clients of this plugin can get this updated features totally free. Just send us an email here. Now in this blog post we are going to explain step by step how easy it is to export and import our admin branding plugin settings.

Step one : Export

At first click the 'Data Import Export' tab of the plugin back end (Access it by going to Plugin Manager and searching for Admin Branding, assuming that you already have the plugin installed).

Now click 'Yes' from the 'Plugin Data Export' tab and click 'Save' button from the left top. 

You will see that the plugin settings txt file will be downloaded immediately like the following one. Now save the file in your computer. Please keep in mind that the file should be named as "admin_branding_setting.txt". Now select 'No' from 'Plugin Data Export' label and 'Save' the plugin. If you forget to click 'No' and 'Save', the plugin will generate the settings file every time you refresh the page. So please be mindful to switch to No.


Step two : Import

Now that you have the text file with your plugin settings, login into the site where you want to Import the settings.

To import the settings file first click the 'Select' button from 'Plugin Data File Import' label, browse the "admin_branding_setting.txt" file from your computer and click upload. You will see a success message. Now click 'Yes' from 'Run Data Import' label (see screenshot below) and click 'Save' button from the left top corner.

Your "Admin Branding" plugin settings data will be updated. Now click 'No' from 'Run Data Import' label and click 'Save'. If you don't see the logo images, please reselect the image path from 'Dashboard Setting' and 'Login Page Branding' tabs and 'Save' the plugin.

By following these easy steps  you can import Admin Branding settings to any site you want.

Step three : Images

If your branding change involves custom images, make sure that you physically transfer those images in the same path (for example under Media > Image folder etc.) In that way when the settings are imported, the images will be found just like original site.


Get your copy of Joomla Admin Branding and brand your Joomla sites with ease. Saves you tons of coding time! Click the image below to access Joomla Admin Branding for Joomla.

Admin Branding


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