Facebook App ID and App Secret Key

Facebook App ID and App Secret can be got using facebook Graph API. It's a very simple process . All you need to create an App in facebook developers page. Follow the steps below:


Log in you facebook and go to the url - https://developers.facebook.com/ . If this is your first App, Click on Get Started. [Figure - 1]

Figure - 1


Click on Next for Registrar. [Figure - 2]

 Figure -2


 Set Name for Creating the new App. [Figure - 3]

Figure - 3



After complete Step 3 chouse why you use Facebook App. See the image below

Figure - 3


After Complate Step 3 You will redirect this page. Now follow th Image [Figure - 4]

Figure - 4


After Successfully add App Domain, Private Policy And Category. Click on Off switch for make this app public and Comfirm from the Popup box. [Figure - 5]

Figure - 5


See now the switch is turned to On and Status is Live.

Figure - 6





Get you App ID & App Secret. [Figure -7]


Figure -7



Get Facebook Fan Page ID [Figure - 8]

 It's very Simple to get facebook Page ID. Just Follow the instructions

1. Go to you facebook fan page

2. Click on About Tab

3. Scroll Down at the bottom

4. You will See your Page ID.


Figure -8

How To Find Your Facebook Admin ID

7 August 2016, 12:43 pm
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Follow the following steps:

1. Go to your facebook page.

2. Click on your profile picture.


3. Now see the Image below.


4. That is (On the red merk) Your facebook admin id.

That's all Thankyou.