Step by step configurations of the Equation Editor for Joomla Article are Given below:



Install the Plugin and enable it.



Go to Artical Manager - > Open a new Article OR edit an existing article. You will find a button named "Insert Equation" at the bottom of the Joomla default editor (TinyMce/JCE). This button gets you to the Equation plates/formula plates in a popup window, where you will find so many equation parameters.



Click on the button (Insert Equation), then make equations whatever you want. Click on equation symbols & write equation texts. After completing an equation, Click on "Copy to Document" button just right below. Then press the space (__) button of your keyboard. Once pressing the space bar of keyboard the created equation will be inserted in to the article. Remember space bar of keyboard is the command key to insert the equation. So you must press the space bar of keyboard after clicking on "Copy to Document" button.


Step- 4.

The inserted equation is a generated (.gif) image. You can drag & drop the equation where you want it in article.


That's It. Save Your Article and Enjoy

To watch video Documentation Click here