Top Joomla! Extentions Part 2

17 May 2015, 12:00 am Written by  Tabassulul Jannat
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Joomla! search sometimes needs a little help. Here are two Extensions that enhance the site search experience.

JXtended Finder

Finder is an advanced search engine for Joomla!, giving you a more powerful alternative to the default search functionality. In addition to full text search, the Extension also enables a variety of filters, including custom-defined filters. This is a commercial Extension.


The PixSearch Module creates an Ajax-based search box that searches as you type and displays results immediately in a pop-up box. The search is similar to that seen on a number of sites and in the Mac OSX Spotlight search feature. This is a non-commercial Extension but it does require registration.



While the most recent version of Joomla! provides more flexibility in the Menu layouts, these two extensions make it easy to create great looking Menus in a variety of formats and styles.

Extended Menu

Extended Menu extends the functionality of Joomla’s MainMenu Module. You will still have to use CSS to achieve the styling, but the configuration options make it very easy to change the menu orientation and to split and re-order the Menu. The Extension also enhances the ability to work with parent-child menu item relationships. This is a non-commercial Extension.


swMenu is a set of Menu creation and management Extensions. You can create and integrate unlimited Menu Modules and achieve a wide variety of styling. There are commercial and non-commercial versions available on the developer’s site.



The default Joomla! system offers extremely limited options for form creation. The Extensions listed below address this issue by providing the ability to create complex forms on your Joomla! site.


An AJAX admin interface makes it easy to create complex forms. The Extension supports unlimited forms and fields and is Smarty Templates enabled. Forms created with this Extension support the Akismet and Mollom anti-SPAM systems, as well as IP banning and blacklists. Submit buttons and validation are also configurable. This is a commercial Extension.


ChronoForms is a great choice for those with HTML skills who want more control over their forms. With this Extension, you can create the form in your favorite HTML editor, then copy and paste it into the ChronoForms Component. There is also a drag and drop form creation interface for those who don’t want to do the work in HTML. The Extension also gives you to ability to create database tables and connect those to forms, thereby allowing you to capture form data in the DB. This is a non-commercial component, but does include a back link to the developer’s site. You can remove the back link for a fee.


RSForm! Pro is an AJAX-enabled form builder. The Extension supports a wide variety of fields and input types and allows you to create forms without any HTML knowledge. Data gathered with the forms can be exported to CSV format. This is a commercial Extension.

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