How to Get Facebook App ID, App Secret and Fan Page ID?

28 May 2015, 12:00 am Written by  Zobair Khondaker Rion
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Facebook App ID and App Secret Key

Facebook App ID and App Secret can be got using facebook Graph API. It's a very simple process . All you need to create an App in facebook developers page. Follow the steps below:


Log in you facebook and go to the url - . If this is your first App, Click on Registrar As a Developer. [Figure - 1]

Figure - 1


Accept And Click on Registrar. [Figure - 2]

 Figure -2


 Select "Website" for Creating the new App. [Figure - 3]

Figure - 3


Put your New App name and Create new facebook App ID. [Figure - 4]

Figure - 4


In this Step you may or may not asked for captha for security check by facebook. If you get captha, then complete it, After that, automatically you will get a window to select category and create App ID. You will select category "Communication" and then click on "Create App ID"[Figure - 5]

Figure - 5


Now you will be redirected to the dashboard, Scroll down below and put your Site URL and Click on Next to finish. Now Scroll Up the mouse and see at the Top-right corner you will find an option ("Skip Quick Start"). Click on it to Skip.

Figure - 6


In this step you will be redirected to the Dashboard. Click on the setting and follow as the figure. [Figure - 7]

 Figure - 7


Click on "Status & Reviews" and make it "yes" to publish publicly then you will get a Popup Box for confirmation. Click on "Confirm". [Figure -8]

 Figure - 8


Your App Will be live by confirming on 8th Step. Check the Green Signal [Figure - 9] 



Get you App ID & App Secret. [Figure -10]


Figure -10



Get Facebook Fan Page ID [Figure - 11]

 It's very Simple to get facebook Page ID. Just Follow the instructions

1. Go to you facebook fan page

2. Click on About Tab

3. Scroll Down at the bottom

4. You will See your Page ID.


Figure -11

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