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Please follow the following steps to Install and Configure the extension:



1. Go to Extension->Manage from Joomla Admin Menu. Click on "Upload Package File Tab". Now Brows or Drag and Drop the extension zip file.


2. You will get success Message of the Module Installation. Go to Extension->Module Manager. You will find the Module in unpublished status. 




1. Open the Module. In basic Tab you have to set Instagram Access Token and your Instagram username. Check how to generate Instagram Access Token {Fig-1}




2. "Themes & Layout" tab has all the features of different themes and options. you can choose as your own. {Fig-2} 





3. There are several display parameters in "Display Parameters" tab. you can choose, what to show and what not to show {Fig-3}




Figure -3


 4. After confifuration publish the module in your suitable module position and save. That's It


Note: The extension has several themes. All themes might not be compatible your Joomla template. If in case any theme does not work, you can try another. and report us or post a thread at our forum.

Product Page:

JED Page:




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