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Please follow the following steps to Install and Configure the extension:



1. Go to Extension->Manage from Joomla Admin Menu. Click on "Upload Package File Tab". Now Brows or Drag and Drop the extension zip file.


2. You will get success Message of the package Installation. Here two plugins will be installed -  "JK Secure PDF Embed" & "JK PDF Button". Please go to Plugin Manager and Enable those Plugins.




1. "JK Secure PDF Embed" Plugin has only One option - Enable/Disable PDF Download option. So you can choose as per your wish.

2. "JK PDF Button" - This plugin does not have any options. It's just to enable Embed option at Joomla Editor. 

3. In two ways you can embed PDF. 

  • Direct From Server
  • From Google Drive 

#From server

You can upload the PDF using media manager. So it will be uploaded at any Images directory. Then you can use that absulote path/url at your shortcode.

In any Joomla Article place the shortode in toggle mode. For example - {pdf=|100%|300|pdfjs}


  • You have to set your PDF link
  • 100% is the width of the PDF and 300 is the height in pixel

You can directly copy & paste the shortcode in toggle mode and put your pdf url in that. or you can use "Embed -PDF" button from your editor. when you click in that button, you will be asked for PDF URL. Put that link in there and click OK. It will insert the shortcode automatically at your article. But first you have put the cursor inside the article editor(Where you want that shortcode) and then you have to click on "Embed -PDF" Button. This button will not work for google drive documents. Sample Image Screen shot is given below -


  #From Google Dive Document 

 Please place the following shortcode inside that article in toggle mode. and update the PDF link.


From the above shortcode, "1AobagWilQfqLwhghcX4RDMAGUnD4q84g" is the ID of the google dive document. So you just need to put your document ID there.

That's It.


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