Search Engine Optimization for Joomla


No matter which CMS you use, if your site is not to be found on the web by visitors with the kind of keywords you would like to be found, then its as good as your site not existing at all.

Joomla is a popular CMS but by default a site made with Joomal may not be at all search engine optimized. In fact it can be very a very unoptimized site to begin with and may provide very poor search engine ranking.


How JoomlaKave Stand Out?

At JoomlaKave we specialize in SEO service for websites made with Joomla. We develop Joomla extensions all the time and hence our expertise in dealing with Joomla is not like the average SEO companies out there.

We stand out from them because of our effective service combined with competitive pricing. We only charge for the hours we spent on your site.



Our on-site SEO service begins from the bottom by integrating SEO options inside the first layer of framework of CMS or Content Management System. We also do effective and legit off-site SEO.

We also remain updated about the state of the art changes which search engine giant like Google have been making constantly so that our SEO service remains the most effective and save your site from being punished by search engines. We work with clients across the globe. Our clients rank #1 in Google for their desired keywords and we can try make yours as well.


Where to Start?

Please contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE. What you will get under this free quotation is:

  • A Free technical consultancy with our SEO expert
  • A Free audit of your site's SEO performance
  • A quotation and task list to improve you site's SEO performance