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version 2.0 Compatible up to Latest Joomla & Zoo

Make Your Zoo Powered Joomla Site OG Compatible in a Matter of Clicks

Very simple and light extension with a module and plugin. In latest version (2.0), we deprecated the component. Using only a module and a plugin you can set OG tags easily. At first install the module and then the plugin. But before installation read the documentation, you will get all necessary information and step by step process of configuration there. This is an essential extension to make your Zoo powered Joomla website pages Social Media friendly. Supported social media sharing  are - Facebook, Twitter, Teligram, linked in and WhatsAp.

Latest Joomla Supported

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Core Features

100% OGP Compatibility

Make your site fully Open Graph compatible in matter of seconds

Light Weight

Efficiently coded. Never tax your site loading time and works with any Template

Super Easy to Use

Most Flexible Open Graph Solution. Easy to Use and Customized for Zoo.

Supports all OG Tags

This extension supports all OGP Tag, type, description, multimedia and product object such as ISBN

Supported Social Media sharing

It Supports content sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Teligram, linked in and WhatsAp

Admin Screenshots

Open Graph protocol for Joomla
OGP extension for Joomla

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Commonly Asked Questions

At first install the module, then plugin. But before inserting OG tags to Zoo Item, You have to configure the plugin first
You have to use absulote image path/link. e.g. - "". Here there is no facility to choose image from back end, so what you can do is - upload the image in joomla media and use the link of the image in Zoo OG image field. The recommanded image size is 1200 x 630. But if your Zoo item is a product, you can also use 500 x 1000
To provide default OG tag for entire site, go to plugin back end and set default OG tags.
Yes, You can set OG tags for Homepage(default tags) and individually to the Zoo item.
Please make sure that your Article is Public (Not Private) to have Open Graph properly implemented..
Also please note that if you Use G-Zip for your site Open Graph Protocol will not work.
Publish the module in cpanel position of backend. As this is an admin module you have publish it in admin module position(cpanel). Then go to control panel you will get list of Zoo items. you can set OG tags there.
The Module is used to display Zoo items and insert OG tags, So the layouts are Zoo itmes display layuots, You can choose layout you wish. However we recommand "Modal" and "Slide" layout. Those are backup layouts. If in case any layout does not work, you can activate other layout. if you need any customization, do let us know.


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Version History

Version Date Change
2.0 14/08/2017 * Introduced new method with module & Plugin. Deprecated the component + latest Joomla Compatible
1.5 22/04/2017 * Add Auto Update
1.1 10/03/2016 + Add Support for Joomla 3.5
1.0 29/02/2016 * Initial release
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