How to get Instagram Feed URL

8 June 2015, 12:00 am
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To Get Instagram feed Url, follow the instructions below:

1. Copy the URL shown below and paste it to the web browser. instagrum username/

2. Write your Instagram Username in the yellow marked section of the URL and press Enter. You will see your 

        instagram pictures.

    for example, An Instagram Feed URL of an account is given below,

    Here, the orange marked information is the Instagram username of an Instagram Account Holder and the whole URL is the Instagram Feed URL of that person.

    A Screenshot demo is given below,




Generally, Instagram Feed URL is used to get Instagram photos in any websites. For examples, There is a simple Joomla Module 'Responsive Instagram Photo Gallery' used to display Intagram photos to Joomla Websites. In this module, Instagram Feed URL is required to configure and display photos. You can use this Module in Joomla Websites. For details visit the  product page -  RESPONSIVE INSTAGRAM PHOTO GALLERY.

Top 10 Twitter Extensions for Joomla

29 June 2015, 12:00 am
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There are many Twitter Extensions are developed for Joomla websites ; most of them are listed in Joomla Extension Directory(JED). Analyzing the reviews and the ratings, a list of top 10 Twitter Extension for joomla are given below:


  1. Twitter FollowMe


    Shows your Last Tweet, Follower count and you can be followed in the same browser window ! Forget Newsletters and other Campaigns for now and harness the power of Twitter to drive traffic to your site and promote your site with Follow Me. This Twitter Followme module was inspired by the many similar modules and plugins for the more popular CMS out there like Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla. You are sure to catch your visitors attention with the Pagepeel effect icons. What makes Followme different is that its lightweight and validates fixing what was found to be lacking.

    Type: Free Download
    Score: 96
    Number of Reviews: 60

    Extension link:


  2. AutoTweet NG

    AutoTweet NG automatically posts to Facebook (Profile, Page or Group), Twitter, LinkedIn (Profile or Company) and more. AutoTweet solves social networks integration with mimimum effort in an efficient way. Auto Posting from Joomla. (Pro version is available)

    Type: Free Download
    Score: 93
    Number of Reviews: 86

    Extension link:


  3. WDS Twitter Widget

    FREE WDS Twitter Widget Embed anyone's Twitter Timeline using only their username, or display tweets based on a keyword.

    • Works with the new Twitter changes!

    • Joomla! Module FREE download

    • Single install package for Joomla 2.5, 3.x

    • Free Joomla Twitter Module

    • Fully compatible with the latest Twitter API and guaranteed to work, even with the forthcoming Twitter changes!

    • Desctiption:

      Extension has two basic twitter modes. One is twitter Timeline, where tweets of a single twitter user are displayed, and the other is twitter Search, where you can enter a twitter search query, and then everything related to that query on twitter will be displayed.

      Note: The WDS Twitter Module also has a color picker for various elements of the module. This twitter plugin will work across browsers and different Joomla! versions. On Opera and Chrome it will be native HTML5 input field of color type, on other browsers (which don't yet support the html5 element) it will be a JavaScript color picker (which will look even nicer in Joomla! 3.X).

      If you like this FREE extension, please don't forget to leave us 5/5 feedback, and if you find any bugs please share them with others in our forum.

      Ticket support is offered with our paid versions only, if you require ticket support please upgrade to a pro version. Thanks

    Type: Paid Download
    Score: 93
    Number of Reviews: 59

    Extension link:

  4. Follow Us on Twitter

    With the popularity of social networking websites, there are many ways to get Facebook, Twitter and other social media links on your website. If you are like me and like to keep it simple, this module does the trick to get you a quick, great looking link to Twitter.

    Type: Free Download
    Score: 98
    Number of Reviews: 12

    Extension link:

  5. Latest Tweet

    **Joomla Latest Tweet **- This is the best twitter Module In Joomla.This Awesome Multi Twitter plug-in display your(s)latest tweets on Joomla .You can display any twitter-user tweets on your Joomla site by simple adding the twitter user-name.

    Type: Paid Download
    Score: 86
    Number of Reviews: 56

    Extension link:

  6. 2Bro's Twitter Displayer

    2Bros Twitter Displayer is a twitter widget that no doubt will help you manage your twitter followers on twitter as well maintain customers and clients to your joule site. You can now embed anyone’s Twitter timeline using their usernames only or even better, display twitter tweets based on keywords.

    Type: Paid Download
    Score: 89
    Number of Reviews: 4

    Extension link:

  7. SME Twitter Sidebar

    SME twitter sidebar is a very effective and reliable widget when it comes to sharing information on your joomla’s blog straight to your follower’s timeline. They get to know each and every single activity going on in the blog just as if they were reading it. SME twitter sidebar is an awesome module that helps you display tweets with multiple features including changing colors that match your blog.

    Type: Free Download
    Score: 98
    Number of Reviews: 7

    Extension link:

  8. Twitter Display Back

    Tweet Display Back is a simple yet powerful Joomla! module that allows you to display your Twitter feed on your site.

    Type: Free Download
    Score: 80
    Number of Reviews: 36

    Extension link:

  9. Twitter Timeline Widget

    Responsive & Realtime Twitter Timeline in Module Position, Smart and Easy.

    A module to display your Twitter updates of your twitter streams based on recently released widget features from Twitter. Simply give your Twitter widget ID, select style and enjoy.

    Type: Paid Download
    Score: 69
    Number of Reviews: 100

    Extension link:

  10. Atom Twitter Feeds

    t is very frequent that you might not be able to arrange the twitter widgets on your website like the way you would want to. This leads to nothing but frustration and agony. Atom twitter feeds can be the right help for you in this regard. With great features the atom twitter feed widget has all the necessary things to make it an easy to use effective tool for all your twitter needs.
    It is frequent that the web designers add social media flicker icons to link his/her online works in order to be able to display their skills. Twitter is one such online media, which if effectively used can lead to great advantages. Twitter feeds can help direct visitors to your store in a more effective way. Selling the goods directly from pages like Facebook and twitter, i.e. directly from the social media links can be a great way to improve the business potential.
    In twitter, the option of follow is a great social invention. The custom tweeter feed allows the business owners to make great product releases on twitter to the visitors who have opted to follow them on social media. This custom twitter options can help a long way to promote your business amongst the potential clients.
    Delayed news has absolutely no value. Getting the news real fast using the custom twitter display can help grab the attention of the customers and bring about a positive influence in the mood. Also news in the form of blogs is not always attractive. What is required is short, to the point messages in the form of twitter feeds that can get the information in as short a text as possible.

    Type: Free Download
    Score: 80
    Number of Reviews: 9

    Extension link:



All In One YouTube Channel Embedder

18 August 2015, 12:00 am
Published in Modules
version 2.5

Embed Your Full YouTube Channel - Uploaded Videos, Playlists And Featured Videos to The Joomla Website

Embed your full YouTube channel in responsive way to the Joomla websites very easily. It's A Nice Module to display Your uploaded videos, playlists and the featured videos of your Youtube channel. You can easily show all the videos of a YouTube Channel using Channel URL and Playlist URL in any Module Position. Just install the Module and configure it with YouTube Channel URL, Playlist URL and by doing other custom styles. There are some parameters (Video count, Watch method, Lazy Load etc.) Helps you to configure it with your own way. You have freedom to change the style any time to make it compatible with your Yoomla template

Live Preview » JED Approved » Support forum Documentation

Core Features

Three in One

You can Display Three types of videos of your channel together at a time. - Uploaded Videos, Playlist & Featured Videos

Place Any Module position

This Module can be placed in any module position of your website


Fully Responsive

Fully Responsive enough to be compatible to any devices.

Display Parameters

There are some parameters - Video Count, Column views, Lazy Load, Modal View, Sliding View, Custom Styles etc.

Custom Styles

You can put any custom styles from the admin settings in order to be compatible to any theme of your site.

Video Playing method

There are two different Style to watch any video - General Sliding & Modal view

Front End



Admin Screenshots

All in One youtube Channel Embedder
All in One youtube Channel Embedder
All in One youtube Channel Embedder
All in One youtube Channel Embedder
All in One youtube Channel Embedder

Buy Now

$14.00 $12.00

Happiness Guaranteed: 30 Days Refund Policy

Joomla Version Support

Supports all Major Browsers

Commonly Asked Questions

Your Videos will be visible in any Module position you put.
Only All videos of a channel can be displayed. If you Need control, you can set it from admin setting. For example, you have more than 100 or 200 videos in your channel. you want to display only 20 of them. Then you can set Video Count - 20 parameter from the admin setting. Set how many videos you want to show in a column and then set row. Contact us if you need customization
You can Set it from Admin setting.


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Version History

Version Date Change
2.5 30/03/2017 * Add Auto Update
2.0 04/01/2017 + Made Fully responsive and JS API Updated
1.5 31/12/2016 + Bug Fix + API Updated
1.0 17/08/2015 * Initial release