How to get Instagram Feed URL

8 June 2015, 12:00 am
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To Get Instagram feed Url, follow the instructions below:

1. Copy the URL shown below and paste it to the web browser. instagrum username/

2. Write your Instagram Username in the yellow marked section of the URL and press Enter. You will see your 

        instagram pictures.

    for example, An Instagram Feed URL of an account is given below,

    Here, the orange marked information is the Instagram username of an Instagram Account Holder and the whole URL is the Instagram Feed URL of that person.

    A Screenshot demo is given below,




Generally, Instagram Feed URL is used to get Instagram photos in any websites. For examples, There is a simple Joomla Module 'Responsive Instagram Photo Gallery' used to display Intagram photos to Joomla Websites. In this module, Instagram Feed URL is required to configure and display photos. You can use this Module in Joomla Websites. For details visit the  product page -  RESPONSIVE INSTAGRAM PHOTO GALLERY.

How to get Instagram Individual Post/Feed ID

21 July 2016, 10:00 am
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Follow the following steps:


1. Login to your Instagram account from any computer.

2. Make sure your Instagram Account is Public.

2. Click on any Instagram photo you have uploaded.

3. After Clicking, photo will be open in a PopUp/ Modal window. Now See the Web URL in the browser. URL will be like this -  In this URL "BHZbdo1jjS3" is the Feed ID.

4. See the attached image below, the red marked section after (/p/) is the Feed ID of this post/feed.

5. You can copy these Feed IDs from your Instagram account and use it in the back end of "Responsive Custom Instagram Feed" Module.




Responsive Instagram Photo Gallery

8 June 2015, 12:00 am
Published in Modules
version 3.5

Build a Nice Picture Gallery with your Instagram Photos.

A simple module to display images from Instagram to the Joomla websites as Picture Gallery. The configuration of this module is very simple. After installation this module, Put Instagram Access Token and Your Instagram Username.  Generate Access Token from the Link below. You can display Your Instagram Pictures, (Tagged pictures and Global Instagram Picture are currently unavailable for API change). You can also customize the styles as your own. The details options are listed on the other Tabs.

To generate Access Token you have to login to Instagram. Click here to generate Access Token

Demo-1 » Demo-2 » Demo-3 » Demo-4 »(Mobile View) JED Approved » Support forum

Documentation »


Simplified Control

No non-sense and easy backend control

Place Anywhere using any module position

Can be placed to any module position you website has


Super Responsive

The gallery is very much responsive and works on any screensize

Light Weight

The module is very light weight and thus fast to load without compromising site speed

Three Core Feature To Display

You can display Instagram Photos, Your Tagged Photos and Global Photos. You have control in the back end.

Clean Coding

Made by Joomla experts and hence clean coded

Front End Demos



Admin Screenshots





Video Documentation - Coming Soon ....


Instagram photo gallery

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Commonly Asked Questions

You can all images from your Instagram. However, you can set Limit the number of pictures you want to show. Contact us if you need customization
Yes, it is fully responsive.
Yes, This module is fully compatible to be matched to any website.
Please visit this Link to generate access Token, You also have to login to Instagram to generate Access Token when you will click on this link.


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Version History

Version Date Change
3.5 03/05/2018 + API Updated, Several Themes are Integrated, Removed Deprecated functions
3.0 19/02/2017 + Control Imporovents
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2.0 16/06/2016 + Discarded the old methods and updated with new method. New control added
1.5 12/04/2016 + Control Improvement
1.0 08/06/2015 * Initial release

Shortcoded Connect Us Social Bar Pro

1 September 2015, 12:00 am
Published in Plugins
version 1.0

Shortcoded Connect Us Social Bar Pro

Social is Beautiful. With shortcoded connect us social bar pro now you have far greater chance that your visitors will share your content across their favorite social networks easily. This Plugin version of our very popular free Connect Us Social Bar module enables you show social icons anywhere in any article you want. Just place the shortcode and thats about it. You have total control of which social media buttons to turn on and off and what icon to use.

Live Preview » Live Preview 2 » JED Approved » Support forum Documentation

Core Features

Supported Top 10 Social Media

It support Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, Email, Tumblr, Soundcloud & Goodreads.

Flexible Positioning

It can be placed anywhere in your article

Easy to Integrate

This Module is very easy to use

Easy Control

Flexible and easy to Use


Fully Responsive for all size screens

Show or Hide Social Icons

Flexibility to View or Hide Any Social Network of Choice

Custom Logo

Custom image as icon and its size.

Animated Effect

Beautiful 16 animation effect & hover for all those icon

Video Documentation

Front End


Connect us Social Share
Connect us Social Share


Admin Screenshots


Connect us Social Share adimin screenshots
Connect us Social Share adimin screenshots
Connect us Social Share adimin screenshots
Connect with Us Social Bar Pro

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Happiness Guaranteed: 30 Days Refund Policy

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Supports all Major Browsers

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, you can customize for any custom heading and it's front size
Yes, you have all the control for each social Button
It will work on mouse hover.


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1.5 18/03/2017 * Auto Update Added
1.0 01/09/2015 * Initial release