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Fixed Vertical QR Code Display

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version 1.5

Display QR Code On Site With Flexibility & Ease

A smart system plugin with delivers QR Codes in a slide-able panel in a customizable vertical position of website. Takes care of QR code generation from vCard or Plain text.

“One of the few qr code extensions that lets you create vcards instead of url. Setup is quick and easy!” ~ ★★★★★ Customer Review via Joomla Extension Directory

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Core Features

Displays QR Code

Displays QR Code on Any or Selective Pages

No Coding

No Coding required

Independent Libraries

Use independent libraries. No need of any third party API services

Image Size Setup

QR Image Size Setup Auto/Manual. Control for Size and Error Correction Level

Custom Options

Horizontal Position: Left/Right. Vertical Position: % / Pixel. Custom Image for Press Button


Trigger on Click/Hover

Smart Device

Mobile/Smart Device Friendly

Video Demo

Admin Screenshots

QR Code Fixed Vertical Joomla
QR Code Fixed Vertical Joomla
QR Code Fixed Vertical Joomla
Fixed Vertical QR Code Display Module for Joomla

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Joomla Version Support

Supports all Major Browsers

Commonly Asked Questions

You can Generate QR code from both vCard or Plain text
No, you can control both the size and the error correction level.
You can use On Click or Mouse Hover for to trigger on the QR code.

Version History

Version Date Change
2.5 30/03/2017 * Add Auto Update
2.2 21/04/2013 + Control improvements
2.1 15/03/2013 * Bug fixes
1.3 06/03/2013 * Initial release
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