Admin Branding for Joomla 2.5 gets a Minor Upgrade

28 September 2014, 12:00 am
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Product Update

We have made a change in our pioneer plugin, Joomla Admin Branding. For Joomla 2.5 version there used to be a border in front end of login window. This border was an annoyance for many. Specially when user applies a nice large background image, this border both on header area and content area on front end login of admin was an eye sore.

So based on client feedback we added a new setting parameter that will give user the option to remove this border from front end login.

 Content Border is the settings parameter introduced. The new change is applicable to only Joomla 2.5 and the product version is upgraded to 2.3 over 2.2

Before Border is removed

After border is removed


You can download the product Joomla Admin Branding from here.


Have you ever thought how you can get rid of the annoying version number from Joomla Admin panel? Many Joomla users don't want to show this for security reason or even for purely cosmetic reason.

In this blog post we are going to show you how easily you can turn off the Joomla version number from admin panel.

First Step

Click Module Manager from the Extensions Menu.Under Filter section select Administrator from the first drop down.You will see Joomla Version module is published by default.As a result Joomla version number is visible in the admin area.

Second Step

Disable the Joomla version module.Now the Joomla version number is gone!

Third Step

(Advanced - For those who want to change the version text to some other text.)

(I) First browse to directory \administrator\templates\bluestork(or your default admin template)\html and create a new directory named mod_version

(II) Go to directory \administrator\modules\mod_version\tmpl and copy the file default.php to the directory \administrator\templates\bluestork(or your default admin template)\html\mod_version

(III) Browse to the file default.php from \administrator\templates\bluestork(or your default admin template)\html\mod_version and change the highlighted variable value to any text you want to show.


Want to customize Your Joomla Admin Even More?

You will find a lot of options from the Admin Branding Plugin by JoomlaKave which is the Best Solution for Joomla Branding. Check out the product and it’s awesome features by clicking on the image below:

Admin Branding Plugin

How to Export and Import Admin Branding Plugin Settings

26 November 2014, 12:00 am
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Admin Branding

Joomla Admin Branding is one of our most pioneering extension which is very popular among Joomla users worldwide with thousands of download in last few years.

One of our valuable clients requested us that she wanted to export "Admin Branding" plugin settings and import that settings to other Joomla websites that also have branding needs.

Our developers responded quickly and sent herthe updated version of the plugin. We are happy to announce that all of our existing clients of this plugin can get this updated features totally free. Just send us an email here. Now in this blog post we are going to explain step by step how easy it is to export and import our admin branding plugin settings.

Step one : Export

At first click the 'Data Import Export' tab of the plugin back end (Access it by going to Plugin Manager and searching for Admin Branding, assuming that you already have the plugin installed).

Now click 'Yes' from the 'Plugin Data Export' tab and click 'Save' button from the left top. 

You will see that the plugin settings txt file will be downloaded immediately like the following one. Now save the file in your computer. Please keep in mind that the file should be named as "admin_branding_setting.txt". Now select 'No' from 'Plugin Data Export' label and 'Save' the plugin. If you forget to click 'No' and 'Save', the plugin will generate the settings file every time you refresh the page. So please be mindful to switch to No.


Step two : Import

Now that you have the text file with your plugin settings, login into the site where you want to Import the settings.

To import the settings file first click the 'Select' button from 'Plugin Data File Import' label, browse the "admin_branding_setting.txt" file from your computer and click upload. You will see a success message. Now click 'Yes' from 'Run Data Import' label (see screenshot below) and click 'Save' button from the left top corner.

Your "Admin Branding" plugin settings data will be updated. Now click 'No' from 'Run Data Import' label and click 'Save'. If you don't see the logo images, please reselect the image path from 'Dashboard Setting' and 'Login Page Branding' tabs and 'Save' the plugin.

By following these easy steps  you can import Admin Branding settings to any site you want.

Step three : Images

If your branding change involves custom images, make sure that you physically transfer those images in the same path (for example under Media > Image folder etc.) In that way when the settings are imported, the images will be found just like original site.


Get your copy of Joomla Admin Branding and brand your Joomla sites with ease. Saves you tons of coding time! Click the image below to access Joomla Admin Branding for Joomla.

Admin Branding


Joomla Admin Branding

31 August 2015, 12:00 am
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version 2.3 for Joomla 2.5 version 2.5 for Joomla 3.x compatible for J2.5.x & J 3.3.6

Replace Default Joomla Icons/Logos with Your Own Brand in Seconds. No Tweaking of Template / Code Is Required

A pioneer and very popular system plugin to replace all Joomla default icons both on front-end and back-end (admin area). Easy to use and highly customizable. Works with any Template and need no knowledge of coding. Its one of the Most Rated extension on Joomla Directory.

See Live Demo For Joomla 3.0 » JED Approved » Documentation » Support »

Core Features

Branding for both Front-End and Back-End

Replace default Joomla! logo everywhere with control for Logo width and height

Light Weight

Efficiently coded. Never tax your site loading time and works with any Template

Super Easy to Use

Flexible and easy. Anyone can configure in matter of seconds

Color Match Your Template

Control for Text and Background Color. Bring your brand's color with ease. Match the Style of your Joomla Template

No Tweaking of Code

No risk of screwing your Template files while editing codes or core files. This plugin save you tons of coding time

Footer Branding

You'll get option to brand even the footer area of Joomla with custom copyright / other message.

Video Demo

Customers Love it!

Fantastic Extension
Incredibility easy to install and use. Definitely a must have and a big time saver for personalising back-end branding. For just a couple bucks and a couple minutes to setup, it feels like a brand new admin area. Job well done and top points to the Codeboxr team on this plugin.

Rbrookesopm via Joomla Extension Directory

Simple and Easy
Excellent plugin !!! I think it is a must have plugin for designers and everyone.

Gfakas via Joomla Extension Directory

Great Service
Plugin works great and the developer team is even fantastic. They were quick to help me fix the iussues I was having.

Daft Vinyl via Joomla Extension Directory

Fast and Easy
Great extension. Simple and easy to setup

Adam Bako via Joomla Extension Directory

Admin Screenshots

Admin Branding for Joomla
Admin Branding for Joomla
Admin Branding for Joomla
Admin Branding for Joomla
Joomla Admin Branding Feature Image

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Upto now it supports the ISIS, the default Admin template of Joomla. If you need support for any other admin template, please contact us
Yes, our latest version is Joomla 3.3.6 compatible.


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Version History

Version Date Change
2.5 for J3 13/08/17  * New Feature add (Water Ripple Effect and Much more)
2.1.4 for J3 09/12/15 + Control Improvement
2.1.3 for J3 09/09/15 + Bug Fixed
2.1.2 for J3 09/07/15 + New option introduced. Login Custom Text Added
2.1.1 for J3 09/04/15 + Fixing custom footer bug problem
1.8 for J3 03/11/14 + new options introduced to custom the footer text
1.7 for J3 27/10/14 + new css added to make the login page background image responsive
2.3 for J2.5 28/09/14 + Introduced border control for Joomla 2.5
2.2 for J2.5 30/03/14 + J 3.2 support
1.5 for J2.5 03/12/13 * Bug fixes
1.1 for J.5 06/11/11 * Initial release