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Shortcode Based Pinterest Showcase Plugin

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version 4.5

Display Pinterest Showcase Inside your Joomla Site. Easy & Attractive

A smart shortcode based Plugin for joomla site to show Pinterest Pins in showcase mode in your joomla site. It’s extensive feature also enables you to show pins from only a particular board as well.

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Core Features

Display Pins

Display Pinterest Pins by Showcase mode using Shortcode

Filtering Option

Freedom to Control of Filtering Out any Section or Category or Components. Customizable Filter Options for Items, Sections, Categories and Components


Force caching with global caching, separate caching for each shortcode to speedup the loading (New in v3.0)

Customizable Settings

The Customizable Settings of the Plugin. How Many Pins to Show at a Time


Enable/Disable Auto Slideshow. Slideshow Speed Customizable with Mili Second

Transition Effects

Choose the Slide Transition Effects from Marvelous Set of Transition Effects

Supported Components

Com_content(Content Component), Com_k2(K2 Component)

Style-Match with Your Site

Full control to style-match with your Joomla site. Control for content font size

Video Demo


Pinterest Showcase Plugin for Joomla

Front End Mocup

Reponsive Facebook Page Stream

Customers Love it!

Pinterest Showcase in Content: AWESOME! Great job to the developers of pinterest showcase! I saw errors from this plugin and reported to them. After a few hours, they went back to me and they sent me the new version of their plugin and i installed it and then the errors are gone! very excellent job along with their great support! THANK YOU!!!!

- jedlarosa, via Joomla Extension Directory

Admin Screenshots

Pinterest Showcase Plugin for Joomla
Pinterest Showcase Plugin for Joomla
Pinterest Showcase Plugin for Joomla
Pinterest Showcase Plugin for Joomla
Pinterest Showcase Plugin for Joomla
Pinterest Showcase Plugin for JoomlaPinterest Showcase Plugin for Joomla

Pinterest Showcase Plugin for Joomla

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Joomla Version Support

Supports all Major Browsers

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, it does. You have full control of filtering out any sections, categories and components.
Upto now it supports Com_Content and K2
Yes, it dose. It can work in any module position of your joomla template.


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Version History

Version Date Change
4.5 23/10/2017 * Bug fix & API update
3.5 25/05/2016 * Bug fix & control Update
3.0.1 05/11/2014 + New option added to select original pinterest image size or custom size
2.10 3/11/2014 * Feature Update

+ Image container & individual image width height control
2.9 06/02/2013 + Control improvements
2.0 08/07/2012 * Bug fixes
1.1 30/05/2012 * Initial release
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