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Shortcode Based Linkedin Content Widget

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version 2.0 for J2.5 version 1.5 for J3

Using Shortcode Show you Linkedin Profile and Company Page Inside Your Joomla Site

With this plugin you can add the Linkedin widgets in content using easy tag/shortcode. Using same API we made some plugins for Joomla to easy embed social widgets, slideshows etc in Joomla contents. Shortcode makes it very easy to use.

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Core Features

Easy to use Shortcode

Linkedin plugin that works out of the box by using shortcode


Flexibility of Customizing Its Position


Enable/disable in home page and also skip by Item IDs

Style-match with sites

Full control to style-match with your Joomla site

RSS Request

Enable/Disable in RSS Request

Ajax Request

Enable/Disable in Ajax Request

Home Page and Popup

Enable/Disable in Home Page and Also Skip by Item IDs, Enable/Disable in Popup

Front End

Shortcode Based Linkedin Content Widget

Admin Screenshots

Shortcode Based Linkedin Content Widget
Shortcode Based Linkedin Content Widget
Shortcode Based Linkedin Content Widget
Shortcode Based Linkedin Content Widget
Shortcode based Linkedin Content Plugin

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Joomla Version Support

Supports all Major Browsers

Commonly Asked Questions

Upto now it supports Com_Content and K2 (only upto Joomla 2.5)
Absolutely. You have full control over the contents.


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Version History

Version Date Change
1.5 11/04/2017 * Add Auto Update  for Joomla 3
1.0 19/05/2015 * Relase for Joomla 3
2.0 10/03/2012 + Control improvements
1.5 06/02/2012 * Bug fixes
1.1 10/01/2012 * Initial release






Usages: How to get profile url or company url for your Linkedin profile? For profile widget/module setting you need to put your public profile URL: Login to your Linkedin, From main menu Profile->View Profile Now the url mentioned as “Public Profile” Click here to check the screenshot To get your company Name or ID: After login or from home page, go from Companies->Your Company Or any company you follow Click this here to see screenshot how to get the company name Again if you are advance user and own the company profile in linkedin then Click the admin tools in company profile page and then mouse hover on delete, see the status bar for your exact company id. Again you can go here, Type your company name , example “Codeboxr”, hit enter, click “Get Code”, See the value in data-id , For Codeboxr it will show “2282648″ Short Code Usages: Suppose need to show Company profile widget, here the shortcode {cblinkedin widgettype=CompanyProfile dataidcp=2282648} Here, cblinkedin = shortcode for linkedin widget, mendatory widgettype = widgettype, default value is “MemberProfile” for member profile, more available “CompanyInsider” for company insider and “CompanyProfile” for company profile. Let’s see widget specific parameters settings: Member Profile : {cblinkedin widgettype=MemberProfile dataidmp=http://www.linkedin.com/in/manchumahara showrelatedmp=0 jsaddmethod=1} dataidmp = member profile url, example:http://www.linkedin.com/pub/sohel-sarder/39/74b/82 showrelatedmp = show related or not, value 0 or 1 , default 1, optional, can be set from plugin setting jsaddmethod = javascript add method, sync or async. optional, can be set from plugin setting. One more short example: {cblinkedin widgettype=MemberProfile dataidmp=http://www.linkedin.com/in/manchumahara} Company Insider : {cblinkedin widgettype=CompanyInsider dataidci=2282648 innetworkci=0 newhiresci=0 jobchangesci=0 jsaddmethod=1} dataidci = company id, see above about how to grab company id innetworkci = show in network, 0 or 1, default 1, optional newhiresci = show new hire, 0 or 1, default 1, optional jobchangesci = show job changes , 0 or 1, default 1, optional Short example: {cblinkedin widgettype=CompanyInsider dataidci=2282648}. Also some default setting can be set from the plugin setting page in admin CompanyProfile : {cblinkedin widgettype=CompanyProfile dataidcp=2282648 showrelatedcp=0} dataidcp = company id, check above about how to grab company id showrelatedcp = show related connections, 0 or 1, default 1, optional More short example: {cblinkedin widgettype=CompanyProfile dataidcp=2282648}  
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