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  1. Scott Lavelle
  2. All in One Pinterest Showcase Gallery
  3. Friday, July 29 2016, 06:43 PM
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I am using the module to show a different "board" on each of several pages on a website. I want to show all of the possible pins on that board, but I don't want to have to change the number all the time every time I add a new pin. I discovered that if I use a number like 1000 for the number of pins to display, it would have a bunch of blanks at the end of the scroll list. So if the list only had 50 items on it, there would then be 950 blank images before it wrapped around to the beginning of the list.

So, I reduced the number from 1000 to the number that are actually in that board, but then every time I add a new pin, I have to come back over to the Joomla site and increase the number to allow that new pin to be shown.

Further, I have now discovered that if I go beyond 25 as the number of pins to show, it has the same effect. After 25, there will be as many blank images as there is between 25 and the number of pins I have specified. For example, there are 30 pins on my board, so I set the module to show 30 pins. When I go to the page, the first 25 pins show and then after that it shows 5 blanks and then starts at the beginning of that board again.

Is this by design? Can you please fix this?
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Sorry for the late response. It might be joomla version compatible issue. Which version of joomla you are using?

hope we can fix this problem.

But Before that please confirm us which pinterest extension you are using? cause we have several pinterest extension. We think you are using "Pinterest Showcase module" but you have written question under "All in One Pinterest Showcase Gallery". These are two diffrent extnsion.

Please confirm us the extension that you are using and your joomla version.


RIon K
Joomlakave Team
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