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  1. mompe
  2. Joomla Modules
  3. Friday, February 10 2017, 09:16 AM
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For four days I have been very disappointed by the service you offer.

Today, at last, I am very angry.

Since last Sunday I talked to you, through live chat, to solve this issue in a reasonable way.

It is not my fault that your plugin (which I have had to pay in advance before knowing if it really works correctly or not) is not suitable for any type of Joomla template. It is not my fault that for you to be able to support it and to solve the issues that your product has, you need, necessarily, to log in my backend. The normal thing would be that with the specifications that I gave you, you could solve the problems without having to accede my backend.

It is not legitimate at all that you demand, in order to offer support, that I provide access to our backend. And it is even less legitimate that you will want to make the customers believe that you do not have to refund the money if they don't give you access. That clause of yours is simply abusive and, in all probability, unlawful.

Since last Sunday I have spoken with you through the live chat on three different occasions.

At the first, you told me that you would refund the money of the plugin without any problem. You confirmed that within 24 hours the refund would have been made.

Two days later, since no refund had been done, I contacted you again, and you told me that a few hours before you had made the refund, and that I had to wait.

Today, nothing has been reflected, and after talking to my bank (in case it was a bank problem) they tell me that there is no refund operation executed.

I have already tired of talking to you by live chat, because I feel as if you were cheating on me.

10'58€ is not much money and it is not that amount that annoys me, but the deception. I am angry that in your website you put in huge letters that you guarantee 100% the refund of money, and then you use hidden clauses that are deceptive, insulting to intelligence and abusive.

And I'm angry that you say that in 24 hours you will give back the money and when 48 hours have passed, you admit that you did not do it.

It is already very difficult to place trust in a company that is located so far from Europe or America (you are in India, if I'm not wrong) without knowing if they will cheat your money or not, and it is also very difficult to continue trusting when you find out that the plugins that they sell do not work correctly, so that, in addition, it is necessary to see that you do not refund the money in the term that you say yourselves.

Please, I want to end this matter now. I do not have to be wasting so much time every day contacting you. My time is as valuable as yours.

Solve it already if you do not wish to have even worse publicity of your products.

I would love to receive a response.

On the other hand, what does this mean to you?

Happiness Guaranteed: 30 Days Refund Policy

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mompe Accepted Answer
I already have got the refund. Not the 100%, but enough.

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