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  1. Jay Cotton
  2. Click To See Phone Number
  3. Tuesday, November 21 2017, 05:22 AM
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I purchased this plugin today but it does not work on my site. It is not tracking clicks, most of the styles don't work and the code only appears to allow for phone numbers that begin with 0044.

My site has multiple phone numbers, none of which begin with 0044.

Also, I would like to be able to hide numbers on my user profiles (community builder).

Are you able to assist?
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  Brisbane QLD, Australia
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Ahsan Ahmed Shovon Accepted Answer
Hi Jay,

In short-code you may place with "0044". Please place the short-code correctly like {mobi_num=your_phone_number}.

The other thing you don't want to view number on your user's profile. So there is a option in plugin setting Access down of plugin publishing option.

If that is not good for you, we will able to hide this on that view as you want. Actually we need to customize or custom development for you.

Hope your problem will solve soon and let us know what you want to do.

Have a nice day. :)

A Shovon
Joomlakave Support Team
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Jay Cotton Accepted Answer
Thanks for the reply.

I have managed to get the phone number to work but I still have other problems.

1. The plugin is not tracking data at all
2. Styles 4 and 5 are not working at all. If I choose those the button does not display
3. Style 6 does not allow the color of the phone number to be changed and it is too hard to read
4. I really only want this plugin to display on my user's pages so I can track data on how many times their phone number was clicked. But it does not work on Community Builder pages. It only seems to work on Joomla Article pages.

Are you able to customise the plugin to suit my needs?
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1. If the plugin is not tracking data correctly, then we have to check, Please send us a temporary admin access of your site.
2. Style 4 & 5 does not allow to see phone number, When you will click, it directly open the call window.
3. For style 6, there should be option to change the color of phone number, if it does not work for any reason, we also have to check it by admin access.
4.This plugin support Joomla native articles and K2 Component only. So if you use Joomla articles in the community builder then, it should also work there also.
if you have different requirements then please let us know clearly, we can customize that. (We use to take a small customization charge based on requirements, and if its a new

Please let us know in detail.


Rion K
joomlakave Team
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