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  1. Tam Stumon
  2. Next Previous K2 Items with Background Image
  3. Saturday, April 20 2019, 04:07 AM
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Plugin in question: Next Previous K2 Items with Background Image

Error message when trying to upgrade website to PHP version 7.1 or later:

"Too few arguments to function plgContentnp_with_bg_image_for_k2::onRenderModule(), 2 passed in /public_html/libraries/joomla/event/event.php on line 69 and at least 4 expected"

The plugin works in PHP 7.0, but its code is NOT compatible with later versions. PHP 7.0 was deprecated last December, and PHP 7.1 will only last until the end of the year. If you guys don't upgrade this soon, no one will want to buy it going forward -- it won't work with current tech requirements.

Need a fix ASAP, or we're going to have to get a replacement from another company. We LOVE this plugin and we don't want to do that, but you're forcing our hand. We've waited for weeks, but now the leeway time is up.

Please let us know something!
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Tam Stumon Accepted Answer
We did some internal research through the plug-in code and discovered an "extra" line that had been added in by a developer. Once we removed it, the issue resolved itself.

Apologies for the strongly-worded message above, but we'd gotten down to crunch time and this plug-in is an integral part of our customer navigation experience -- they love it.

Very glad it is working again (WITH PHP 7.1, and hopefully beyond as well.)
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